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About our Components - We at "Naturecrafts" of Texas strive to make our unique, attractive designs in semiprecious jewelry available to everyone, and use only quality natural materials in all of our products. Since many of our materials are offered to us by suppliers in "assortment only" form (i.e. gemstone hearts and crosses), it is nearly impossible to make exact duplicates of any of our items pictured here. Now for a word about our components:


Metallic Findings - All of our pieces are made with sturdy metals, most of which have some percentage of real gold or silver in them, but normally they are not 14 karat gold nor sterling silver. The exact composition of each varies, and if requested, we will tell you the exact composition of any given piece.


Pierced Earrings - We try to provide quality materials in ear posts, French wires, and other pierced styles, and at this time do not carry clip-on or other non-pierced styles. Our pierced styles usually contain some real gold (either in a coating or as an alloy) or some silver, but they also may be surgical steel or some usually nonreactive substance. We don't usually make earrings in karat gold or sterling silver, as they are more difficult to find, and are cost prohibitive. Common sense and usual hygiene procedures should always be followed when cleaning the ear wires or posts. We suggest using a Q-tip soaked in household rubbing alcohol to clean them, or some other application method. Do not immerse entire earring in alcohol, as it might damage some of the semiprecious stones.


STRINGING MATERIALS AND DURABILITY- All of our pieces are strung on quality silk (mostly #4 carded thickness), in various colors to match the piece, unless otherwise stated. Certain heavier materials might necessitate stronger threading materials, however. If a piece breaks under normal wearing conditions, we will re-string it for free; if any other part is found to be defective, we will repair or replace it within reason for free. This warranty good for up to one year from date of purchase. Feel free to contact us with your questions and comments. Thank you for your interest.


NOTICE: Our designs are for decorative purposes only, and NOT suitable for young children, as they contain small parts. We will not be held responsible for such consequences of possible mishandling of our products.

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