Naturecrafts of Texas

The Origin of Naturecrafts - We are a small cottage industry based in Houston, Texas, which officially went into business in early autumn of 1997. Originally, making beaded creations for friends and relatives increased my love for beads until, at the prompting of others, the business was born. After a dear Christian friend who studied at the Gem Institute of America discipled me in the fine art of beading, many "beading frenzies" ensued. We study the market for new and different affordable gemstones, unique bead shapes and other materials, so as to provide our customers with as much variety as possible at the best prices. And, we welcome design suggestions and comments. Since we are admirers of the beauty of God's creation as witnessed in nature and wildlife, it seemed only logical to name the business "Naturecrafts," since we craft our designs using only naturally occurring semiprecious stones. We hope our products serve you well in reminding you of the comforting scriptures they represent, and perhaps even affording you more witnessing opportunities! May the Lord of our salvation bless you richly and keep you,

Sincerely, Phyllis Dunavent,
President and Founder of "Naturecrafts” of Texas (aka "Grandmother Naturecrafts")

"Stone Power" Disclaimer - Throughout the Ages, people of many cultures believed that certain gemstones possessed mystical powers or special energies. Some such stones were used as amulets and talismans and were alleged to ward off evil. Later, certain stones became associated with signs of the Zodiac. Special "stones of the month" which originally were supposed to bestow "luck" upon the wearer, evolved into the birthstones we know of today. In times past, some also touted "stones of the planets", which were used by those who wished to develop a psychic or spiritual relationship with a certain planet, as though the stones themselves had some sort of connection to the "energies" of the planets they represented. Also, in some cultures, certain stones were used in faith healing rituals by persons who believed that the stone itself possessed mystical powers or energies, which could be harnessed for healing or to somehow improve one's quality of life. Some of these concepts are still propagated today, by some in the New Age movement or in various other circles.

These concepts are not what we at Naturecrafts of Texas are about. We appreciate the natural beauty and uniqueness of these stones, and view them as a fine example of the Creator God's creativity, and love for us in giving us such a beautiful Earth in which to live and enjoy. To us, these stones have no inherent "energies" or mystical powers of their own--they merely reflect the vast talents of their Almighty Creator. The real power we proclaim to the world is the ultimate power of Jehovah God of the Bible over the entire Universe and the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Alpha and Omega, to save souls. "That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father." Phil.2:10-11 KJV

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