Semiprecious Stones

Semiprecious Stones - As a general rule, treat them delicately. With the great variety of stones we work with, the safest advice is to clean them in soapy water, free of strong detergents, scrub lightly only if necessary, and do not let them soak for long periods of time needlessly. Do not use strong chemicals on them, as any harsh treatment my result in damage to the stone's finish. Some stones come from our suppliers as "color enhanced," dyed, or otherwise treated, and some of these enhancements are more permanent than others. We try to advise the consumer whenever a stone is dyed, but no matter what the possible enhancement may be, they are all deemed safe to wear, and are dyed mainly for cosmetic purposes. We attempt to use only the permanently colored or naturally colored stones in our creations. We also try to use stones considered at least "medium-hard" on the Mohs' hardness scale, as softer ones tend to scratch or break too easily, and are not usually suitable as gemstones. Also, occasionally some of the stone shapes we use are not totally symmetrical, but we feel this dimension adds interest to the overall appearance of the piece. In addition, we advise the wearer to refrain from wearing them in chlorinated swimming pools, brackish water, or for extended periods while bathing. If foodstuffs get on these stones, wash them off immediately with mild soap and water. All of our stones are genuine semiprecious naturally occurring gems (unless otherwise stated) in the reasonably-priced range. Here are some stones in each of our color scheme categories which may be featured in your unique piece:

PASTELS - rose quartz, rock crystal quartz, white howlite, river stone agate, moss or tree agate, green spot agate, blue lace agate, crazy lace agate, fluorite, serpentine, Chinese jade, new jade, white jade, white quartz, mother-of pearl, white marble, amazonite (light), amethyst (light), green aventurine (light), rhodenite, moonstone, and others. This list is not inclusive.

EARTH TONES - unakite, poppy jasper, tiger eye quartz, yellow chalcedony, natural agate, goldstone, leopard skin jasper, picture jasper, peach moonstone, crazy lace agate, red aventurine, mahogany obsidian, dolomite, rhyolite, amber, and others. This list is not inclusive

JEWEL TONES - turquoise, malachite, azur-malachite, sodalite, red jasper, poppy jasper, moss or tree agates, red marble, amazonite (dark), amethyst (dark), chrome green aventurine (dark), blue aventurine, African jade, lapis, lapis howlite, turquoise howlite, various brightly dyed quartzes, color-treated agates, and others. This list is not inclusive.

DARK HUES - black stone, red tiger eye quartz, hematite, zebra jasper, grey moonstone, natural black onyx (grayish), black onyx (dark), silver leaf agate, snowflake obsidian, blue goldstone, pyrite/marcasite, carnelian quartz, tiger iron, blue quartz, dumortierite, blue goldstone, blood stone, and others. This list is not inclusive

MULTICOLORED - Stones which are multicolored in nature, as dalmatian jasper, fancy jasper, African turquoise, and any combination of the aforementioned stones, or general appearance of the piece. Occasional small freshwater pearls and other organic gem minerals may be used in any color scheme.

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